thruway centerThruway Center prides itself on a wide selection of stores for our shoppers, great values and the opportunity to support local business owners. But in addition to these great features, there is one more that truly sets Thruway apart from other shopping centers and malls, and that’s convenience, everything you need in one destination. Whether you’re just out running errands and need to pick up some groceries, or you’ve planned a full day of shopping with your friends, Thruway is flexible enough to fit your needs.

Great Location

In any business venture, location is a key factor of success, and with prime real estate right off Business 40 on Stratford Road and the Knollwood St. exit, Thruway Center is located right in the center of activity of Winston-Salem. Our location makes it easy for people in adjoining neighborhoods to do their daily shopping, but we’re also convenient for shoppers coming from further afield. Whether you’re driving in from Kernersville, King or Kannapolis, Thruway Center is easy to find and easily accessible right from the exit ramps. with over 6 entrances off Stratford Rd and Knollwood Street.

Smooth Entrances and Exits

No one likes to sit in traffic just trying to make it into a shopping center. For many malls with only one main entrance, the cars waiting to turn into the shopping center can back up and cause a traffic headache. Luckily for Thruway, our location on Stratford Road, and access off the S. Stratford Road and  Knollwood St. exits off Business 40, allows for multiple points of entry, on both sides and all along the front of our shopping center. With over 6 entrances off Stratford Rd and Knollwood Street helps maintain a steady flow of traffic both into and out of the shopping center’s parking area.

Parking with Ease

Once in the parking lot, you’ll find it is easy to find a parking space right near the shops you’re targeting that day. Thanks to the linear design of Thruway Center, the width of our parking lot means we didn’t have to go deep in order to create enough parking spaces. This means that no matter where you park, you don’t have far to walk to get to the store you’re visiting. Not only that, but it helps avoid those frustrating minutes spend weaving up and down long lines of parking spaces.

Another great feature of Thruway’s parking is that there are ample parking spaces right along the store fronts. On cold and rainy days, you are able to park right at the door and avoid being in the harsh weather.

Of course, if it’s not raining, Thruway is also pedestrian friendly. If you have a full day of shopping in mind, it’s easy enough to park in one spot and use the brick walkways to make your way from one section of the shopping complex to another.

Don’t let the fear of shopping traffic keep you from enjoying a wonderful day of shopping. Visit Thruway Center today to see for yourself just how convenient our establishment is for our customers.