Make Thruway Center Your Holiday Destination

Make Thruway Center Your Holiday Destination

thruwayBuying gifts for family and friends is one of the most fun parts of the holiday season. Not only is it a thrill to be out in the stores, taking in all the beautiful holiday decorations and enjoying the excitement and good cheer of the other shoppers, but it’s also rewarding to find the perfect gift and see the look on your loved one’s face when they open it on Christmas morning.

This year there’s been a lot of talk about the short holiday shopping season. Traditionally, Christmas shopping kicks off on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. This year, with Thanksgiving coming late in the month, that means there are 6 fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas than there were last year. It’s the shortest shopping season since 2013!

Here at Thruway Center, the talk of a shorter shopping season is nothing to worry about. Why? Because we know a date on the calendar means nothing to the community of shoppers who count on Thruway Center to find the perfect gift for Christmas. Why wait until Black Friday to think about those gifts on your Christmas list? Join the 43% of people who start holiday shopping in November and visit us now. Our stores and restaurants are already decorated and ready to celebrate the magic of the holiday season for weeks to come.

Not only that, we’ve got great events planned to keep you in the holiday mood through Thanksgiving and beyond. Join us on Saturday, December 7, for our annual holiday Open House. This is a fun event for the whole family, with merchants offering special deals and promotions just for that day. Carolers walk along the sidewalks singing your favorite Christmas songs to help enhance the holiday spirit. You’ll also enjoy refreshments of hot chocolate and cookies in some stores, free samples at Kilwin’s, and special activities for the kids.

The wide variety of stores and restaurants at Thruway Center makes it the perfect place to do all of your holiday shopping, whether you’re spending the day looking for gifts for everyone on your list or running by after work for that last-minute present. You don’t want to miss the holiday experience this year at Thruway Center.

Orangetheory: Creating a Community for Better Health

Orangetheory: Creating a Community for Better Health

thruway centerOne of the best qualities of Thruway Center is the sense of community that exudes from this group of merchants. For more than 50 years, people in Winston-Salem have been coming to Thruway Center to shop, have meals with family, eat ice cream with friends and enjoy an atmosphere where everyone is welcome. That sense of community made Thruway Center a perfect match for Orangetheory, a premier fitness facility offering science-backed high intensity group training workouts, where the motto is “it’s not a competition, it’s a community.”

Orangetheory: An Individual Approach in a Global Community

Each time you walk through the doors of the Orangetheory fitness facility, you’re joining up with thousands of other people who are doing the exact same workout that day all over the world. The Winston-Salem location is just one of more than 1,000 locations worldwide, all using workouts designed by a team of exercise scientists at the corporate office in Florida. “Our team creates 90 workouts each month that work on different muscles groups and are designed to improve endurance, power and strength,” says Ashley Torres, marketing manager, Orangetheory Fitness. “Those are then rolled out to our members, and each facility has the same schedule, anywhere you go around the world.”

The Orangetheory approach to fitness centers around high intensity group training workouts, but it comes with an individualized approach. It all starts with a personal trainer who assesses your fitness level and works with you to create your program. “Our personal trainers are like really great coaches, they get to know you and work with you to motivate you to better health,” Ashley says.

thruway centerOnce you have your plan in place, you’ll enjoy coming to work out with others who have the same goals of living a healthier, more fit life. “Working together provides more motivation and encouragement than just spending time by yourself on a treadmill,” Ashley says.

Becoming Part of the Winston-Salem Community

The community-driving approach at Orangetheory extends to more than just group workout sessions. Getting involved in the greater community is an important part of the company’s philosophy. In the few short months Orangetheory has been at Thruway Center, they’ve already been a part of races including the Marine Mud Run and the Beat the Heat 5K. They’ve also participated in community workouts such as the Glow in the Dark workout with Kaleidium and World Dance Day, a fun celebration of disco on the streets of downtown Winston-Salem.

Stop by the facility next time you’re at Thruway Center to take part in a free class and learn more about this new approach to fitness.

Celebrate Childhood at Carter’s

Celebrate Childhood at Carter’s

Generations of children have grown up wearing Carter’s brand clothes. The classic designs in soft, durable materials are the perfect clothes for babies and kids. The Carter’s store became a part of Thruway Center in 2011, and from the very beginning it was a great fit. Carter’s is based on a heritage of quality and innovation, a perfect match for the tradition and style associated with Thruway Center. In a conversation with Carter’s store manager Shelley McGill, we learned a little more about the Thruway Center location and how they serve customers here in Winston-Salem.

What makes Thruway Center a good fit for Carter’s?
The Carter’s store came to Thruway Center in 2011, and from the very beginning we knew it was a great location. We get a lot of foot traffic from people who come to Thruway to shop all the great stores. But we’re also a destination point for a lot of people. Our customers love the fact that they can come here and park right in from of our door, for convenient shopping.

What makes Carter’s unique?

I think it all starts with our quality. People know that our baby clothes are soft and well made, so they feel comfortable on your baby’s skin and also hold up wash after wash. Carter’s has always been on the forefront of new designs for babies and kids, like with the Handi-Cuff mittens on our sleepers that help protect newborns from scratching themselves in their sleep.

What can people find at the Thruway Center location?

We have a great selection of clothes for babies, toddlers and children all the way up to size 14. Our customers love shopping where they know that our clothes are cute and made for comfort and play. Our customers also appreciate that our styles are classic and age appropriate, even as children grow from babies to tweens.

Carter’s also includes the brands Osh Kosh B’Gosh and Skip Hop, which includes baby gear such as dinnerware, diaper bags, swings and play gyms. We carry some of the smaller items in our store at Thruway Center, but we offer shopping across all the brands within our store, with free shipping available straight to the customer’s home.

Come in today to see some of the latest fashions for kids. We’re truly a hometown store, and we love helping our customers find just what they’re looking for.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience at Francesca’s

A One-of-a-Kind Experience at Francesca’s

thruwayWhen you walk into a special event, whether it’s a friend’s wedding, a first date, or church on Easter morning, you want to look your best. Nothing is more confidence shattering than seeing another woman in the room wearing the exact same dress you are wearing. Francesca’s, a boutique offering a unique mix of carefully curated clothing and accessories, is the place to shop in Winston-Salem to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind look that will turn heads and help you feel your best.

Francesca’s came to Thruway Center in 2011, and since then has earned a reputation for being a customer-focused, boutique store with beautiful clothes and accessories. As a boutique, Francesca’s carries only a few of each item to help ensure that what each customer finds is unique to them. It’s a welcome change from the mass-produced styles found at many department stores and chains.

With more than 700 stores nationwide, Francesca’s is well-known throughout the United States for its quality offerings. But even as the company grows in size, each store maintains a local flavor. “Our offerings are tailored to our own particular clientele,” says Lisa Estes, store manager. “What you see in this store is different than what you would see in Greensboro or Hickory, because we understand what our particular customers are looking for and we make sure to have the styles they like for each season.”

This spring, Francesca’s is the place to find rompers and jumpers that have become popular for their elegant yet comfortable style. You’ll also find colorful t-shirt dresses, maxi dresses with smaller prints for a more understated elegance, and plenty of chambray options to take advantage of this latest trend. “One thing that is really big this spring is lace,” Lisa says. “We’ve got dressy lace styles, of-the-shoulder dresses with lace, and even eyelet is shirts and dresses. It’s a great way to bring more femininity to your style.”thruway

In addition to unique styles, Francesca’s prides itself on providing the ultimate in customer service. “We always welcome our shoppers and talk with them to get a feel for what occasion they’re shopping for and help them find the perfect outfit,” Lisa says. “And if you don’t have a specific occasion, we’re here to inspire you. We can help fine tune the options to fit each person’s unique style and needs.”

The staff at Francesca’s is willing to go the extra mile to help a customer, even if that means driving to a sister store to pick up an item not available at Thruway’s location, or suggesting other retailers in the area. “What’s important to me is making sure the customer is taken care of, no matter what it takes,” Lisa says.

HanesBrands and Thruway: A Great Combination of Tradition, Excellence and Innovation

HanesBrands and Thruway: A Great Combination of Tradition, Excellence and Innovation

hanesbrands thruwayIn 2008, Hanesbrands opened an outlet store in Thruway Center, bringing together two Winston-Salem legacies. Just as Thruway Center has long been a part of the culture of Winston-Salem, Hanes has been an integral part of the city of Winston-Salem as an employer and manufacturer of hosiery, socks, underwear and more recently athletic wear. It all started in 1901, when J.Wesley Hanes founded Shamrock Mills to produce men’s hosiery. One year later Pleasant Hanes opened P.H. Hanes Knitting Company to make men’s underwear. In 1914, Shamrock Mills changed its name to Hanes Hosiery and began making women’s hosiery. Eventually the two combined, and through the years many other acquisitions were made, including L’Eggs, Bali, Maidenform, Sara Lee, and Champion.

In 2006, the company was reborn as Hanesbrands, with the logo you see today on the Thruway location. Creating a brand new company was a way to celebrate the legacy and quality of the Hanes brand while encompassing the multi-faceted manufacturing embraced by the company.

Today, the Hanesbrands store at Thruway Center provides a place for people to find the brands they love at great prices, with personalized customer service. “Winston-Salem is like Hanes town, so people here are really familiar with all of our brands, and our products are an important part of their lives,” says Jowanda Sanders, store manager. “People know they can come here for great products, an outstanding clearance selection, and everyday promotions.”

With more than 23,000 square feet of space, the Hanesbrands store at Thruway Center has plenty of room for a large variety of products. “We have a large staff of more than 30 team members, so you know you will get great service when you come to our store,” Sanders says.

From athletic gear and comfortable socks to pantyhose and lingerie, the Hanesbrands store has everything you need for comfort and style on a daily basis. One thing the store is especially known for is its wide selection of bras from many different well-known brands, and the personalized, free bra fittings customers receive from trained associates. “We want to make sure you’re happy with what you buy, and because of the special attention we give customers, we find many people keep coming back to shop here,” Sanders says.

The New Balance Store Helps You Look Great, Feel Good and Get Moving

The New Balance Store Helps You Look Great, Feel Good and Get Moving

thruwayFor 15 years, New Balance has been a vital part of Thruway Center. The brand has a unique reputation in the world of athletic shoes for creating shoes in all widths, to fit any foot. The focus on quality and customer service makes New Balance a good fit for Thruway Center. “It’s great to be at this location, and be a part of Thruway Center,” said store manager Michael Raines. There’s always a lot of stuff going on here and a lot of good traffic.”

Four years ago, Keith and Emily Davis took over the New Balance store at Thruway Center. As owners of Fleet Street at the Hanes Towne Village Shopping Center, the couple already had a great reputation with runners in the Winston-Salem area. Expanding their business to include the New Balance store gave them the opportunity to provide a greater range of shoe options to the community.

At the New Balance store you’ll find a wide range of shoes, with everything from lifestyle to athletic shoes. Whether you’re interested in running a 5K, you’re looking for comfortable shoes for walks with your dog, or you need cleats for baseball season, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the New Balance store. There’s something for any size and any age, with sizes ranging from infant size 6 to adult size 16.thruway

Come in today to check out the new styles for spring and gear up for getting active. This is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful Carolina-blue skies as we head into spring and summer, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors right in our area. Winston-Salem has walking trails throughout the city, including a seven-mile walking trail at Salem Lake where you can get a view of the lake at all times along the trail. That’s in addition to 25 miles of greenways throughout the city, which provide a respite from the traffic and congestion in the middle of town.

The trails and greenways are a great place to walk with friends, get outside with the dog, or train for a 5K. Get those shoes to work and sign up for one of the many races in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area, starting with a couple of runs this month that support good work in our co

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Thruway Center

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Thruway Center

valentinesValentine’s Day takes the spotlight. No longer just a day set aside in February to have a date with your sweetheart, Valentine’s Day has become a big gift-giving event. This year, the National Retail Federation reports that spending for Valentine’s Day is expected to be $20.7 billion, up 6% from last year. People surveyed said they would spend an average of about $160, which is also higher than previous years, with the record being $146 on average in 2016.

One reason for the increased spending is the growth of the holiday. The holiday traditionally had been a time for romantic love, with single people looking at Valentine’s Day as an excuse to ask out someone they’d had a crush on and those in committed relationships using the holiday as an opportunity to reignite the flame. But today consumers say they’re spending on Valentine’s Day products and gifts for family, friends, co-workers and even pets.

If you’re looking to take part in this fun-filled holiday that helps brighten up the cold days of winter, Thruway Center is the perfect place to shop. We’ve got great gift ideas for everyone on your Valentine’s Day list, from your significant other to the fur-baby that lights up your life. Here are a few ideas from Thruway Center to help make your Valentine’s Day special.

A relaxing massage or spa treatment at one of our great establishments such as Van Davis Aveda Salon or Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spa.

  • Pink Lemonade Cake Squares from Dewey’s Bakery.
  • Jewelry from Hannoush Jewelers.
  • Flowers and wine from Trader Joe’s.

There’s plenty more gift ideas throughout Thruway Center, whether you’re looking for a scarf for your mother, toys for the kids or a special treat for your dog. Come browse around through our many great stores and find just the right gift for your Valentine.

Warm Up Your Day at Thruway

Warm Up Your Day at Thruway

coffeeIt might be cold outside, but it’s always warm inside the shops and restaurants at Thruway Center. Whether you’re looking for great deals on winter styles, Valentine’s Day surprises for your friends and family or spending time with friends at one of the center’s many places for great food, it’s always a great time of year to come spend the day at Thruway Center.

There are also plenty of ways to warm up while you’re shopping and walking throughout Thruway Center. Here are a few ways to keep your body and spirits warm and enjoy a full day of winter shopping!

  • Warm up your body and find nourishment to keep on shopping with a bowl of soup. You can enjoy one of the creative soups of the day at The Carving Board, or try the signature tomato basil with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich at The Loop.
  • Stop in for a hot cup of coffee and a cake square at Dewey’s. And don’t forget to take a sugar cake home for your next morning’s breakfast!
  • Enjoy a few spicy tacos or hot salsa with a quick snack or meal at Moe’s.
  • Take some time to pamper yourself, warming your body while reviving your soul with a hot stone massage at Van Davis Salon or Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa.

No matter what the weather, getting what you need at Thruway Center is always convenient. We invite you to spend the day walking through the shops, enjoying a cup of coffee and a relaxing day with friends. But if you need to run in and out quickly,, rest assured there are plenty of convenient parking spots to make sure you’re not out in the cold for long.

Rain or shine, cold or warm, Thruway Center provides the perfect shopping and dining experience.

Spotlight on BE Shoes

Spotlight on BE Shoes

BE Shoes has been at Thruway Center since 2007, and in those few short years owner Bill Erickson and his team have made a big impact in Winston-Salem. The store is well-known as a place to come to get personal service, a great fit and exceptional shoes, all while supporting local business. Dawn Poole, store manager, shares a little about what makes BE Shoes unique.thruway center

Q: How did BE Shoes come to be?

A: Our owner, Bill Erickson, has more than 40 years of experience in the shoe business. He started out overseeing a large chain of stores in Florida before he relocated to Winston-Salem. Here in Winston-Salem many people know him from his years at the Hush Puppies store at the mall, where he was very successful. He was the highest grossing Hush Puppies store in the nation for a number of years. In 2007 he bought out the shoe store in Thruway Center and turned it into BE Shoes, to give people in the area a place they could count on for comfortable, long-lasting, fashionable shoes.

Q: What is special about the Thruway location?

A: We love being a part of the community at Thruway Center. There are so many people who have been coming here to shop for generations, there’s a real sense of community. Also, there are a lot of local merchants in Thruway Center that you don’t find in other shopping centers or the mall, and people are excited to shop locally and support local business.

Q: What sets BE Shoes apart from the competition?

A: We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our staff is knowledgeable about how a shoe is supposed to fit, and will work with you to find just the right shoe. It also helps that I know our customers so that when I go to shows and order shoes I know the styles and types of shoes that our clientele will enjoy. I will shop with certain people and specific brands in mind. But I also keep an eye out for new styles so that we’re able to offer shoes you won’t find anywhere else in town.

Q: Why is it important to have a good fit when buying shoes?

A: Having shoes that fit is important for foot health. Not only is it more comfortable, but when shoes don’t fit well you run the risk of problems such as bunions, blisters or even stress fractures. Also, the brands we sell are meant to last, and worn for a long time, so you want to make sure the shoes is comfortable. It’s nice when you’re paying for a really good pair of shoes to have an expert help you get the right fit. We will measure your feet to help get the right size, and also look at your gait and take into consideration anything you might be going through, such as recovering from surgery, to make sure you’re pleased with the comfort of your shoes the minute you walk out our door.

Q: What are some of your more popular brands?

A: We sell a lot of nice shoes, with brands people recognize. Some of our top sellers are Naot, Dansko and Merrell. We have started offering a new brand that has become very popular, Spring Step. These shoes are very comfortable but also have great style, and that’s something I feel is important. You want to be comfortable when you’re on your feet all day, but don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort.